Why We Do It

The Branch

We believe in open source marketing. Our goal is to provide the most researched, up-to-the-minute marketing information to any business, individual, or organization. Why? Because our success is directly tied to your success. Entrepreneurs from all industries should have the ability to continually improve marketing services and methods while delivering on immediate and long-term goals.

Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

Marketing-Schmarketing, Right? Wrong. The hustle and bustle of work for most business owners is a 22/7 grind. Yes, we said 22/7 because the small business owner only sleeps 2 solid…

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color theory

A Theory About Color

Before you start reading, I would like to start by saying that I did not always have an appreciation for color and how it impacts my life. Growing up, I…

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Tulip Tree Studios

After 8 Years in Business…

…the Tulip Tree Studios main office is moving! It’s crazy to think that after spending our entire tenure in downtown Rochester, MN, we’re ending our rental lease on March 31,…

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5 Networking Connections You Need to Make

What comes to mind when you think about networking events? Probably that they are boring, always have the same old crowd, and you never see any new faces. Business networking…

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