Who We Are

Meet the Team

We’re marketers, so naturally, we ask each and every client, “What’s your competitive difference?” Once we find out, of course, we exploit it. So allow us to layout ours:

We’re Realistic. We’re Creative. We’re Black and White.

What does this mean? It means we’re realistic with our clients when it comes to budgets, timelines, perceptions, and more – but we also work as creatively as possible within any constraints in order to make our clients stand out and get results. We analyze the good AND the bad, we say it like it is, we try to avoid surprises. We operate in black and white, both literally (if you’ve seen our office space) and metaphorically.

whitney west

Whitney West

Marketing & Design Director

A natural-born leader who founded Tulip Tree Studios with the intention of providing custom solutions to business leaders with unmatched experience, creativity, and passion. Her innate ability to maintain a fast-paced environment brewing with innovation and the highest of standards is one of the many reasons her team is considered the best talent in the industry.

brian flackey

Brian Flackey

Marketing Assistant

Marketing Assistant, right-hand man, chaos coordinator – there’s really nothing Brian won't tackle. He brings creativity, enthusiasm, and dependability to the team. Brian is detailed, organized, and proactive with each project for our clients. Numbers, analytics, and problem-solving are his specialties – making him a real asset to the Tulip Tree team.

claire kingsley

Claire Kingsley

Content Specialist

Driven by creativity, her competitive spirit and a whole lot of coffee, Claire is sure to deliver fresh content to bring her clients' businesses to the next level. She brings new ideas and trends to the Tulip Tree team - and prides herself on being one step ahead of the game. Her eye for aesthetics and attention to detail is just the beginning. Look no further for innovative blogging skills and social media strategies.

crystal landherr

Crystal Landherr

Marketing Specialist

Motivation should be her middle name – and her endless energy doesn’t even require caffeine! Crystal’s creativity and determination fuel each project from start to finish. She loves deadlines, thinking outside of the box, and accomplishing goals with her clients. Add in her integrity and positive attitude and we have the perfect formula for marketing success.

jeff sadler

Jeff Sadler

Design Specialist

Jeff is a true veteran of graphic design. With 25 years of experience in the industry, he paves the way with his knowledge and his ambition. He is creative to the core, detail-oriented, and won’t stop until the job is done. Jeff has a natural eye for design and uses his skills to help our clients reach their goals. From logos to publications, to graphics of any kind – Jeff is our do-all designer.

Puckett Alabestor West

Puckett Alabestor West

Office Security

He might be a dog, but Puckett is a mover and a shaker when it comes to chasing down treats and wagging his tail. He offers the team high-quality security services, as well as the opportunity to talk baby in the office. Puckett enjoys watching his squirrel friends out the windows and cheering up everyone he encounters with his infectious enthusiasm and attention. He’s an invaluable part of our team, and you can always count on him to lift your spirits.

Team Trivia

We believe work doesn’t have to be all business. In fact, fun is a vital part of our culture. Get to know the Tulip Tree A-Team with our own version of Guess Who!

Puckett Alabestor West

Puckett loves spending his PTO relaxing with friends and family at his cabin in Canada.

Always says yes to international travel.

Claire conference room

Claire is what she is, and she's not ashamed! Get it?

Is an obsessed Harry Potter fan.

Whitney desk

Want something from Whitney? Leading with a large, skinny, sugar-free vanilla latte (with 4 shots) works wonders.

Starts mornings with 4 shots... of espresso.

Crystal and Puckett

Somehow Crystal is fully functional without the essential lifeblood that fuels the rest of the Tulip Tree team.

Consumes absolutely zero caffeine. Seriously.

Tulip Tree Business Branding

Brian aspires to be a cowboy in Montana. (He's going thru a phase...or is he?)

Is a die hard Yellowstone fan.

Puckett Alabestor West

No one in the office can top Puckett's unique costume choices. Check our Instagram for proof.

Running champ for best dressed on Halloween.

Brian and Charles

Brian's little pup, Charles, is his pride and joy.

Is a proud parent of a 13-year-old Pomeranian.

Claire desk

Claire may be among few, but this girl rocks Mondays!

Favorite day of the week is Monday.

Jeff desk

From Beastie Boys to Tupac - Jeff keeps all the classics coming thru the stereo.

Loves hip-hop music.

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 3.34.29 PM

When the child pageant world kicked her to the curb, Whitney turned to hair modeling with help from her small-town salon-owner Momager.

Voted Little Miss Type A by her child peers.

Tulip Tree Business Branding

Rough, right? After a great adventure, the call of the Upper Midwest brought Crystal back to her roots in Minnesota.

Survived living in Hawaii for three years.

Office Security

Puckett visits everyone in the office on a daily basis. Where does he find the time?

Is a social butterfly.

Brian Flackey

Brian's all-time fave is Survivor, but he also loves fantasy drafts for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Guilty pleasure is reality TV.

crystal twins game

Having never played ball a day in her life, Crystal's favorite sport is baseball - go, Twins!

Is a die hard baseball fan.

Jeff Darth Vader


GGHHHRRRRW." Yes, Jeff's favorite character is Chewy a.k.a. Chewbacca.

Is the Star Wars expert of the office.

Whitney and Puckett

If the timing doesn't impress you, the rhyming Whitney puts with it should.

Can list all 50 states in less than 30 seconds.

Jeff headshot

Jeff loves him an epic Royal Rumble!

Is hooked on pro wrestling.

claire rock tee

If she had to pick a favorite, Claire would be torn between Metallica and Guns N' Roses.

Collects band tees.