Morning-in-the-Life of a Social Media Specialist

Hi, I’m Abbie. Although I’m mostly known from my social media superpowers and killer copywriting skills, there’s one thing many people don’t know about me, which is how oddly seriously I take my morning routine.

There are two quotes that I live each and every day by:

  1. You either run your day or your day runs you. And,
  2. You have just as many hours in your day as Beyoncé does.

Mornings are where my sanity is stored and where I really set the tone for each day.

For many, their type of day is determined by whether or not they woke up on the right side of the bed. For me, it’s how well I follow my structured morning routine (and to be honest, how much coffee I can consume before 11am). Check out how I start off each of my mornings, and hey, maybe you’ll find something you’d like to integrate into your morning routine, too!

8:00am: Get to Work

Coming into the office, it’s likely you’ll see my juggling a coffee, phone, and car keys in one hand, and my lunch bag, water bottle, and computer bag in the other. I guess I’ve never really been one to pack light.

8:05am: Check My Email

Once I manage to get everything to my desk, it’s time to check in on what rolled through my inbox earlier that morning. A lot of my emails come from educational newsletter subscriptions, like theCLIKK, Marketing Dive, and Social Media Today. As a Social Media Specialist, it’s essential to stay on top of marketing trends. New things pop up daily that can have a significant impact on how I manage and utilize our clients’ social media channels.

8:15am: Organize My Day

Each of our clients runs on a unique schedule which is why it’s essential to keep up with due dates and timelines. The key to keeping each project under complete control is organization. Lucky for me, organization is my jam. I love to organize my task list every day, probably a little too much if we’re being honest. The whole process of writing down what I need to do and then crushing (and physically crossing off) every task on that list gives me happiness like none other.

8:30am: Fill Up My Cup

My daily energy levels can be accredited to those little brown, magical beans I put in my cup every morning. Something about coffee just flips on that creative switch in my brain. My most staple piece on my desk is actually an oversized mug with Stanley Hudson’s face on it (IYKYK). Having watched the entire show at least 10 times through, my party trick is being able to accurately quote nearly every episode. (Hey Netflix – I’d like to have a word with you…)

8:35am: Get to Work (For Real This Time)

Now that the emails are sorted, the lists are made, and the coffee’s flowing – it’s time to really get started. There’s really no “set” plan for each day as a Social Media Specialist. Each day comes with something new, which is one of my most favorite parts about what I do! Well, that and getting to hangout with the office dogs all day…

How do you start your mornings? Are you more of a “running in with your pants on fire” type, or do you like to take it easy until your second cup of joe is gone? Whichever your type, I’d love to hear about your morning routine tips-and-tricks. Connect with me on LinkedIn, and let me know!